Top 50 submitted address ranges
Client ID Start address range End address range Timeout
93c00e5e75d745a8b1e563db724f023e aaaaaaaaaaaaaaqa aaaaaaaaaaaaaa77 -
c92eea1b543649ab87ec5e5ef3442aac aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaap7 -
Timeout is: 30 minutes
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May 28 2018
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# of valid addresses
The Onion Router (TOR) project aims to hide users' IP and protect their privacy related to location and Internet usage. Beside, users are able to create hidden services which are accessible through Onion addresses. Unlike the normal Internet, in which list of all domains are reachable through TLDs (Top Level Domains), Onion addresses can not be listed, nor TOR does not want to list them. Onion Harvester tries to find the updated list of all Onion addresses which are accessible through TOR.
This project uses volunteer clients all over the world to list the addresses. The project is made of two main sub-projects:
  • Onion Harvester Server
  • Onion Harvester Clients
The client for harvesting Onion addresses is available here.
When clients connect to this server, they will receive:
  1. Unique ID
  2. Start and End Onion addresses
  3. Scanning ports
  4. Timeout
Then they will check all addresses in the provided range for specific ports on TOR network and will return search results in a json format including valid Onion addresses, their ports and the time of scan.
Download Results
You can get all the found addresses from Results page.
You can join the project and run client on your TOR equipped PC. The client will connect to Onion Harvester Server and get the list of Onions to be checked. The source code is available in OnionHarvester Clients's repository while you can just download and run the latest release.

OnionHarvester main developer: Mir Saman Tajbakhsh
OnionHarvester-Server main developer: Mohammad Nassiri